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The Health Benefits of Core Strength and Stability
The core muscles include your front abdominals, obliques, diaphragm, pelvic floor, and lumbar spine. Increased strength and stability in these muscles will lead to a wide range of physical benefits, including:

Postural alignment
Muscular endurance
Flexible range-of-motion
Lower risk of injury
Balance control
Core stabilization exercises, like the ones you’ll find in the work below, can also help reduce non-specific lower back pain, which could improve mobility. Pilates was key for managing and living with my scoliosis while still enjoying life and movement. I shared about in my blog post, Pilates for Scoliosis: How to Find Relief with Movement. Please check this out if you’re struggling with scoliosis too.

The problem is, most people associate a core workout with a series of boring, repetitive crunches. Crunches only activate the abdominals and obliques with one back-and-forth spinal motion. This creates pressure on the lower back and hip flexors, which can lead to chronic pain or injuries over time. It also ignores all other areas of your core, which are just as important. The most beneficial core exercises recruit all the deep core muscles—not just your abs—for a more holistic, functional movement.

Learn more about the connection between your abs and your pelvic floor in my podcast episode, Abs, Core, and Pelvic Floor: What You Need to Know to See Progress.

Core Strength and Pilates
The gentle, whole-body approach of Pilates is the perfect way to build core strength, flexibility, and balance—without adding pressure or discomfort to your spine.

I don’t just believe this as the founder of Lindywell; science tells us this too. The European Journal of Investigation in Health, Psychology, and Education found that Pilates is a more efficient way to promote core balance, maintain functional autonomy, and lower the risk of age-related falls than traditional resistance training.

No matter what season or phase of life you’re in, Pilates is a simple and effective way to strengthen this key area of your body.